Earth Crusaders

Heal Our Land

The "Earth Crusaders Program" is designed to involve youth and adults in positive experiences of HEALING the EARTH through work experience, field experiential tours, and treks, and focused counseling based on God's laws of nature and science education experiences.

The Program Serves:

Our program involves youth and adults in tours, "ENVIRO-TREKS" and field work helping nature heal the wounds of man on the land and environment. . . providing "healing experiences" for both people and our wildlife resources.

What is Available

Tours, Treks and "River of Life" experiences

Enviro Trekker

  • 21 fully developed tours to sites in Oregon and Southwest Washington reviewing history, geology, wildlife, economic development and creation and restoration processes.
  • 5 fully equipped vessels including "ENVIROTREKKER" for river and watershed tours, enhancement activities and restoration projects.

Environmental Service Training

  • Tour and Guide training for support of local attactions and facilities of the region
  • "Wildlife Landscaping" training and field experience in the art of restoration plantings, wetland design and other life science applicaitons.
  • Resource conservation and applied recycling projects involving use, handling, and processing of local waste materials to local products, support local jobs; program element utilizes field tours of mills, pulp and paper and plastics re-manufacturing operations, and others in unique "ECO-TECH" tours.